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Braun ambassador Jessica Alba

Hairstyle trends & tutorials

Braun Global Style Director Sascha Breuer

Break free from bad hair day, style with precision and achieve the hottest looks. Braun’s Global Style Director, Sascha Breuer, shows you how!

Styling with precision and control empowers you to break-free from mundane hair and helps make your hair a glorious asset. Braun’s innovative Hair Care range features a number of tools that give you styling control without sacrificing the condition of your hair - helping you to achieve amazing styling results, whist boosting shine and combatting frizz to provide you with a unique styling experience. Sascha Breuer, leading hair stylist to stars such as Anne Hathaway, Elle Macpherson and Sienna Miller, has provided a step-by-step guide to achieving next season’s hottest hair trends with Braun’s styling tools.

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