IONTEC range for precise, smooth and shiny styles

IONTEC range for precise, smooth and shiny styles

IONTEC technology

Thanks to years of research Braun is able to bring you IONTEC to ensure great hairstyling. Because Braun harnesses the benefits of active ions while other brands rely on passive ions, healthy looking, shinier hair is easier to achieve.

IONTEC technology from Braun

Discover the world of active ions

Braun IONTEC technology

Why Braun IONTEC is superior to other ionic hairstyling products

Studies have shown that the number of ions generated in different products varies hugely. All too often products claim to harness ion technology when actually the hairstyling benefits are barely visible. Braun IONTEC is designed to bring you the optimum ion capability using an exceptional system to generate the right number and deliver it effectively onto your hair. This ensures your hair is left looking and feeling gorgeous, shiny and healthy.

Braun Satin-Hair 7 dryer with IONTEC technology

What are active ions?

Ions in general are atoms that carry positive or negative electric charge. Braun’s active ions have negative electric charge and actively envelop the hair strands to help fight static, transport moisture back inside and restore shine. The result is boosted shine, restored smoothness and easier hairstyling.

All the shine, none of the damage
Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC airstyler.