Built to last, everyday. With up to 5 years warranty.

Built to last, every day.

Tested for life.


Durable design that lasts.

At Braun, we do believe good design is simple, useful and built to last.
The combination of German craftsmanship, premium materials and rigorous durability testing means that our premium products are designed to last every day, for years.

German Engineering

Durability starts with exceptional design and precision engineering.

Premium materials

High-quality materials for outstanding longevity and performance.

Durability Testing

Braun premium products are rigorously tested to be long-lasting.

Tested for Life.

We submerge in water, cool down, heat up, drop, shake and press buttons thousands of times to simulate years of shaving, trimming or epilating.

With durability a key element of our approach, you can be sure that your Braun appliance is built to last. Every day. For years.

Tested to endure
In our dedicated labs, we rigorously simulate years of usage to make sure your Braun product is built to last.

Tested to be waterproof
A premium Braun shaver or epilator is engineered to survive up to 24 hours under water without affecting functionality.

Tested for peace of mind
Braun shavers are drop tested up to a height of 1,5 meters to make sure they work properly, even after impact.

Tested through extreme conditions
Braun shavers and epilators can withstand multiple cycles of extreme temperatures, ranging from -20°C to +80°C.

Tested for performance
Wet or dry, with or without foam, your Braun shaver is designed for years of efficiency in every stroke.

Flashes for years of use
Braun premium IPL devices are designed to deliver up to 400,000 flashes, equivalent to 22 years of full-body treatments*.

*Just for illustration purposes. No warranty promise.

Built to last, every day. Tested for life.

Built to last, every day. Tested for life.

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