Introducing the Body Mini trimmer
Fast, easy and gentle body hair trimming. For everybody.

Body Mini trimmer

Use anywhere on your body

The Mini trimmer is designed for versatility, with a compact design suited to different areas of your body. Remove and trim hair with reliable control and precision anywhere, anytime.

Trim with precision

Groom your body hair with the help of the handy trimming comb. German cutting technology works effectively on challenging spots like the swimsuit area.

Wet & Dry use

100% waterproof. Use this body trimmer dry or under water - as you prefer.

Compact design

The Body Mini trimmer's combination of compact shape and smart design allow for straightforward use whenever you're in need of a quick touch-up.

Kind on skin

Trim body hair quickly and dependably with the ergonomic design, for gentle glide and better skin comfort.

Surprisingly small, surprising results

Miniature sizing for on-the-go use and portability. Conveniently toss it into your backpack or toiletry bag.

Designed in Germany

More than 50 years of German expertise in hair removal. Designed for efficient and gentle facial hair removal.

What’s in the box

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